Dear Cancer Outreach:

When I found out I had cancer a friend of mine told me about your program.  I want to thank Cancer Outreach and the people that are there to help people like me and others for the support that they provide and for the financial assistance for gas and motels.  I want to thank all the people that donate time and money so programs can exist for those in need and last but not least, the kindhearted, loving people who really care.

Thanks from Jesse Allen and family


I can think of no other time in my life when I have felt such turmoil and fear as when I received a breast cancer diagnosis.  Life began to spin out of control with appointments, treatments, scans, and being out from work without warning. I spent more time in Phoenix than I could at home because of treatment schedules.  Cancer Outreach was here to help by paying for gas and some food during a time when we were being bombarded with medical expenses and the additional expenses of travel. Now that I have re-entered treatment, Cancer Outreach is here providing support once again.  Through these past couple of years, it has been important to surround myself with support.  Knowing that there are caring and supportive people here in Page, like Cancer Outreach, is appreciated beyond my ability to express with words.

Carie Barstad

When my husband Marty Mason, found out that he had prostate cancer, we both felt taken back by the seriousness of it all.  We didn't know what we were going to do until a friend of ours told us about Cancer Outreach.  We went to the office and met Jo.  She was very helpful as well as very caring.  She helped us with the fuel costs we would need because of the financial burden of having to leave town and she also helped us get in contact with another cancer agent and we are very grateful for all that Cancer Outreach did for our family during the 2 years of his treatment.

Nina Mason

Martin Mason - no picture at this time

Ralph Corum

Cancer Outreach was always there to ease the financial burdens my family encountered.  Without their gas card assistance, traveling out of town for medical appointments would have been an extremely stressful experience.  Their dedication to Page locals is legendary.  I cannot thank Cancer outreach enough  for all that they have done and encourage everyone to support this noble cause.

Tiffany Higgins

Mitchell's Mom

David Herrerra.

Jesse Allen

Dear Cancer Outreach: We want to thank Cancer Outreach here in Page for all the help you have been to us during Dad's fight with Cancer!
The help with gas to and from Flagstaff for his treatments and the wonderful help staying at Taylor House in Flagstaff have been unbelievably helpful and a true Blessing to our Dad and our Family!
We would recommend your help to everyone here in Page who is suffering with Cancer and the associated problems it brings to families. Bless you!
The Family of Ralph Corum


Mitchell Higgins Age 12, no picture.

Carrie Barstad

Cancer Outreach is a non-profit org.  Therefore it survives on donations, raffles, etc.  our leader here in Page, Jo Bjorholm, makes all this possible for cancer victims.  When we first found out my husband David had cancer we were told to go talk to Jo.  She told us about all the details about Cancer outreach.  We felt relieved our gas to Flagstaff was going to be paid as long as we have to go there for chemo.  It has been a relief because gas prices are high  and we have to go to Flagstaff twice a month and we don't know how long we have to do it.

Cancer Outreach is great, I don't know what we would do without it.

Mary Herrera