Mission + Vision

A community that works together for the betterment of each member grows stronger by the day.

We are not like most organizations! 

We do not have a big corporate overhead.  We do not have company cars.  We do not have corporate payrolls, our board members are volunteers.

A storage facility shares an office with us so we have no office rent.  They also share a phone with us so we don't have an extra phone bill, we do not pay anyone except those who have to be paid!  Even our tax person is a volunteer.

The truck and trailer that makes our donation pick ups and deliveries is owned and operated by the volunteer that drives it.  All fuel and insurance is paid by that volunteer.

Every dime that we make from a fundraiser goes to our patients. 

We solicit sponsors  to pay for the cost of those fund raisers and to provide the prizes we use at those fund raisers.

When you make a donation to us for patient care, you can be assured that is exactly where the money is going.

I know that talk is cheap, so you have my invitation to come in and check it out.  Call our tax person and ask her where our money goes.  Whatever you need to do within the law to be confident in your donation destination.




A Very Special Message

We are in a remote community in northern Arizona.  The nearest treatment for cancer is 120 miles south in Flagstaff or 150 miles west to St. George, UT.  Some specialized treatments have been as far away as Denver, CO. Salt Lake City, UT and Tucson,  AZ.

Our goal is to assist all local cancer patients with the cost of fuel and motels associated with their cancer treatments, no matter their age, sex, heritage, or financial status.

It is bad enough to be diagnosed with cancer and unacceptable to have to turn down treatment because you cannot afford to get there.



In October of 2010, a local friend was diagnosed with lung cancer - stage 5. She was in the hospital in Flagstaff and they were not sure she would be coming home. Her son and his significant other needed to go to Flagstaff to be with her but had no money to work with on short notice. After a record setting ACS Relay for Life fund raising event here in Page, the American Cancer Society still told them there was no help available for such things. I was the top fund raiser for that event and the 3 previous events here in Page.


Our program provides fuel cards and motel rooms for patients who are required to travel out of town for their treatment needs.


Our mission is to serve every cancer patient in our service area without regard to race, religion, sex, age or financial situation.

We made sure those kids got there, but they had to sleep in my car and borrowed money to get food from the grocery down the street from the hospital. I thought it was wrong to raise that much money for the American Cancer Society and have no help available for local families. At times like this a family needs to be together. And Cancer Outreach was born.

We started out doing rummage sales and assorted fund raising ideas to put it all together. We still do three fund raisers a year to keep up with the demand, but now have a thrift store open on Vista Ave as of April 2014, so the rummage sales have stopped.

In the last 4 years we have served 47 cancer patients in this area. In 2013, $26,420.68 was raised and dispersed to local residents to assist with their travel needs pertaining to cancer treatments. As of August 2014, we have dispersed nearly $14,000 to help with fuel, oil changes, motels, and food vouchers for patients and their families. This is all done for LOCAL patients, by LOCAL volunteers, and supported by LOCAL businesses.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you. I believe that a community that stands together thrives together.

- Jo

Jo Bjorholm

CEO and Founder, Cancer Outreach Inc.

October 2010 – Cancer Outreach was born into it's own separate entity from any other organization. A program strictly for locals. Neighbors helping neighbors.

(first rummage sale fundraiser)

October 2011 - (first dinner fundraiser)

June 2012 - (1st road rally)

October 2012 - filed for corporation


November 2012 – (bowling for turkeys)

December 2012 - Filed for 501 (c)(3) non profit status


April 2014  - (store)

August 2014 - non profit status obtained retro to Dec 2012

Since our inception in 2010 we have helped 64 patients (as of March 2017) ranging in age from 12-94.  We have never turned a patient away because of a lack of funds, even if we paid it out of our own pockets.

2015 - We are working to add Bingo as a fund raiser and income stream.

January 2015 - Became a Qualified Charitable Organization for the state of Arizona.

March 2016 - Started Bingo at the Haul Rd site.

July 2016 - Opened store in new location, and expanded that location in Jan. 2017

our history

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.